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International cooperation, long-term project windows and great financial investments are commonplace for many companies. It is therefore even more important to configure projects and processes efficiently. Our ability to work out solutions for our customers ahead of schedule ensures a decisive competitive advantage for them. Thanks to our expertise, we support manufacturers and suppliers in a variety of high-tech industries, acting as an independent consultancy, helping them to achieve faster, better and more effective processes at every stage of the project lifecycle.

You need support in Systems Engineering, Production Engineering or Quality Engineering?

 ARTS Experts

Technology Consulting

"We maintain long-term and success-oriented relationships with our customers. We are well aware of the fact that time is money. And which adjusting screws have to be tweaked to achieve the best performances."

- Dr. Ingo Cassack, Chief Finance Officer at ARTS -

Systems Engineering of ARTS

Systems Engineering

As an interface between project management and product development, we advise you in the field of Systems Engineering in relation to the design, development, implementation and operation of complex, high-tech systems, because your system is our expertise.

Production Engineering of ARTS

Production Engineering

Our goal for every Production Engineering project is to design and implement our customers’ production processes as efficiently and effectively as possible. In pursuit of that goal, we adopt a holistic approach to demonstrate potential optimisations at every stage of the value chain.

Quality Engineering of ARTS

Quality Engineering

In the context of Quality Engineering, we advise on quality-based production processes and on quality assessment procedures. Without influencing our customers’ internal procedures, ARTS helps to prepare for audits. Our aim is to ensure a successful outcome for audits while minimising the resource overhead they impose.

Customer specific consulting solutions for lasting success

What our consultants at Airbus say:

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„Optimised processes create stable profit and guarantee innovation, growth and sustainable success. Several of our consultation projects have already led to increases in efficiency and cost optimisations — for example in the A350 programme, we introduced specially developed software for data collection during production.”

Marco Bock in the ARTS project at Airbus in Hamburg

“The structural assembly processes in the A330 project will soon be optimised through the development of a Statistical Process Control System. The planned introduction of the system will then enable the product data to be precisely controlled and errors during production to be easily limited.”

Kevin Czibor, ARTS experts for statistical process control (SPC)