ARTS wins Tool Management Project for A350 and A380 FAL in Toulouse

Last week ARTS presented at the Paris Air Show and was able to announce a multi-year contract with the Airbus Group in France. From July the company will be responsible for Tool Shop Management for the German part of Airbus for the A350 and A380 FAL in Toulouse as well as in St. Nazaire.

For several years ARTS has been proving its expertise in the fields of Production & Industrial Support Services as well as Logistics & Supply Chain. Thus ARTS in Toulouse is responsible for, among other things, the Tool Shop Management of Airbus Bremen within the scope of final assembly (FAL) for the Airbus A350. At this year’s Paris Air Show ARTS could also announce the contract for the workshare of Airbus Hamburg.

From July, ARTS is thus responsible for, among other things, the tool handling, ordering, tracking and issuing of hazardous materials, the tool inspection, tool maintenance, as well as locations-wide logistics for the Tool Management in the sites of St. Martin, Lagardère, Gramont and St. Nazaire. Alongside the A350 FAL, the project for the Hamburg workshare comprises also the A380 FAL. It is initially contracted until 2020 and will be conducted by an international project-team on site.

“We are delighted that the Airbus Group recognises the quality of our previous work within the scope of Production Support for Airbus Bremen. With the commissioning of the Airbus Hamburg workshare, we can intensify our collaborative work and further build on our expertise in this field”, commented Christian Rost, Project Manager for ARTS.

Just this year ARTS strengthened its presence on site with its own French daughter-company. The daughter-company focuses on service and work contracts and offers its French clients turnkey solutions in the fields of Manufacturing & Engineering, Production & Industrial Support, Logistics & Supply Chain as well as Quality Management. It is therefore a direct equivalent to ARTS Solutions, which offers this expertise on the German market.

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