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, Technology Consulting and HR Services . High-tech businesses across the globe improve their competitiveness thanks to our turnkey solutions, optimised processes and experienced specialists, helping them to achieve enduring success. We support businesses in the automotive, railway, aerospace, engineering, and manufacturing sectors as well as the IT and communications technology, security and defence fields by providing them with expertise to give them a competitive edge, making them faster, quicker, and more capable.

ARTS – Better, Faster, Ahead


With the technological and commercial expertise, 500 ARTS employees help you to make your processes, products and services better.


With the best experts, highly specialised process knowledge and turnkey solutions we expedite your projects.


Whenever expertise is required, that is not part of your core business, we are able to help. We give you the necessary competitive edge for lasting success.

Our roots

ARTS (Aircraft Related Technical Services) was founded in the year 2000 by Gerald Unger, who spent some of business’s early years getting his hands dirty by working on aircraft. He can still remember the first assignment: working alongside Lufthansa Technik, when a team of ten ARTS staff members converted a passenger aircraft into a freighter in Hamburg. Inspired by this success, over the next few years, ARTS conquered the automotive, railway, aerospace, engineering, and manufacturing sectors as well as the IT and communications technology, security and defence fields.

Today, at our five locations and over 25 project sites, more than 500 technical and business specialists implement innovations to give our customers a decisive edge to secure their sustainable competitive advantage, day in, day out. ARTS is certified according to ISO 9001 (EN | DE) as well as EN 9100

What´s next? – Our destination is the future

The fact that cars, aeroplanes, and trains are taken for granted today as normal means of transport makes them a success in the history of technology. It is hard to predict where this history is heading. Who would have dreamt, that 130 years after the first patented automobiles, there would be driverless cars, 3D printed industrial parts, serially produced electric aircraft and Rovers exploring mars?

We at ARTS want to actively shape the future of high technology. Every day our experts are working around the clock to make sure that technical innovations are achievable.

We are only limited by our imagination on what technology will look like 100 years from now. One thing is sure though, ARTS will be actively shaping that vision.

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